MSc Global Challenges

Programme structure

Our internationally recognised Postgraduate Certificates provide valuable continuing professional development (CPD); study all three for the MSc in Global Challenges

Choose your qualification

Each of our Postgraduate Certificates provides valuable continuing professional development, and is an internationally recognised postgraduate-level qualification.

The Postgraduate Certificates can be combined with successful completion leading to the award of a Postgraduate Diploma or MSc in Global Challenges:

  • any two Postgraduate Certificates leads to Postgraduate Diploma in Global Challenges;
  • all three Postgraduate Certificates leads to MSc in Global Challenges

Flexible study

You may study the certificates in any order.

Each Postgraduate Certificate is normally completed over one to two academic years and you should complete one certificate before moving onto the next. The MSc can be completed over three to six academic years. You can, with agreement from the programme director, take a break from your studies. If you start the MSc, but your circumstances change, you can end your studies with the award of a Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma.