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Olise Abu's research

Olise studied the End SARS protests in Nigeria

Violence: A Refining Fire or Destructive Force? A Critique of the “Good Governance” Paradigms and the Challenges of State Citizen Relations. A Case Study of Policing and the ENDSARS protest in Nigeria.

Olise's dissertation uses a case study of policing and the ENDSARS protests in Nigeria and adopts a non-empirical research method using materials such as literature reviews and secondary data to critique the 'good governance' paradigms and theories that assert instability in some African states is due to colonialism. In critiquing the good governance paradigms, it sheds light on how the normative definitions of good governance subsumed in indices such as the World Governance Indices and Gross Domestic Product, do not paint a nuanced perspective of the critical issues affecting leadership and the delivery of public goods in some states in Africa. The study argues that the violence and challenges in some states in Africa are inherent in the contestations of statehood as espoused by Weber. It also adds to the debate that beyond colonialism, the agency of people (leaders and followers) is the primary factor affecting governance in Africa. 

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Despite the large number of studies that call for contextualising governance issues in Africa and focusing on the agency of the people, there's still a lot more to be done. A lot more work in defining governance and its outcomes from the perspective of local communities. A lot more Soro Soke (‘Speak Up’ in ENDSARS jargon)!

Olise Abu

Africa and International Development

  • Nigeria
  • Postgraduate Scholar

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