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Naomi Ekpoki's research

Naomi studied the deployment of solar mini grids in Nigeria

Fast Tracking the Deployment of Solar Mini-grids in Nigeria: Fostering the Energy Transition from a Fossil Fuel Driven Source of Energy Supply to Low Carbon Sources

The increase in Greenhouse Gas emissions through energy generation has largely contributed to climate change globally and has led to an increased urgency for energy transition to low carbon sources of energy such as renewable energy. While some countries are quite fast paced in implementing technologies that could achieve this, other countries are still lagging. Naomi’s dissertation focused on promoting the deployment of solar mini-grids in her home country Nigeria as a contributing effort towards solving the energy problems the country is faced with and also to foster the transitioning from a fossil fuel driven economy to renewable energy sources. She carried out this research by combining a social sciences methodology called the Actor Network Theory, an extensive literature review, a field research with some of the relevant actors in Nigeria, and a case study. The results proposes guidelines and recommendations that could enable the rapid deployment of solar mini-grids in Nigeria. 

This research gave me the opportunity to explore the solar energy sector in Nigeria which has been my interest for a couple of years. It is my desire that my findings would contribute to the global climate change solutions as well as enable Nigeria achieve sustainable energy through solar.

Naomi Ekpoki

Sustainable Energy Systems

  • Nigeria
  • Postgraduate Scholar

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