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Ifeanyi Omah's research

Ifeanyi studied the Nigerian private health sector’s compliance to malaria case management guidelines

Assessing Nigeria Private Health Sector’s Compliance to Global and National Malaria Case Management Guidelines

Ifeanyi conducted a narrative review underpinned by a systematic approach to assess the Nigeria private healthcare sector’s practices, compliance and performance to global and national malaria case management guidelines. Through thematic analysis involving the socio-ecological frameworks, the study explored published articles on the extent of Nigeria private healthcare sector’s involvement and bottlenecks influencing their compliance and performance. This research revealed that the informal private healthcare sector is more involved and is the most patronised than the formal private healthcare sector. However, compared to the latter, the informal sector is relatively more non-compliant to global and national malaria case management guidelines and performs sub-optimally in all measured performance indicators (knowledge, diagnosis, antimalarial prescription, products affordability, referral, and case reporting). This study explored the challenges bedevilling correct malaria case management practices in the private healthcare sector and provided a new multidimensional approach involving the captured socio-ecological diagram of tackling the complex bottlenecks.

Writing my dissertation was the most exciting aspects of my M.Sc programme. The process of producing a fifteen thousand word policy-relevant exposition of my research study tremendously sharpened my academic research creativity. More importantly, it had killed my writing phobia and unveiled what it takes to write a lengthy book.

Ifeanyi Omah

Global Health Policy

  • Nigeria
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