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Hammed Kayode Alabi's research

Hammed studied the experiences of refugees in accessing higher education

Opening the Black Box: Unveiling and Contextualising the Experiences of Refugees in Accessing Higher Education through Bridging Education Programmes in Uganda

Only 3% of refugees have access to higher education (HE) compared to 36% globally. This is due to the barriers faced (e.g., lack of certification). Bridging Education Programmes (BEPs) have been employed to account for these barriers. However, BEPs remains an under-researched area. This dissertation uses contextual and empirical evidence to determine the experiences of refugees in accessing HE through BEPs in Uganda. The dissertation situates its findings under the Foundations for All programme, a pilot BEP for refugees to access HE in Uganda. Employing mixed methods and generating data through surveys, tutors, and learners’ feedback, this dissertation argues that it is crucial to focus on the process rather than just the outcome when providing HE support for refugees. The study finds that circumstances such as mental and traumatic experiences, lack of broader family support, lack of cultural capital and lack of career/educational advice affect refugee access to HE.

I have discovered that the barriers to accessing higher education for refugees continue to unveil themselves every day. To account for this, there is a need for education stakeholders (e.g., ministry of education) to get themselves acquainted with the challenges refugees face in accessing higher education and lower barriers to access.

Hammed Alabi

Africa and International Development

  • Nigeria
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