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Forget Shareka's research

Forget researched plant-based nutrition supplements in Zimbabwe

Plant-based Nutrition Supplements Commercialisation in Zimbabwe

I worked on the capstone project to validate market availability for the commercialisation of plant-based nutrition supplements in Zimbabwe. The project aims to provide sustainable, innovative and low-cost nutrition solutions to eradicate malnutrition in the country. Early this year World Food Programme stated that globally 746 million people are food insecure and do not have access to enough or safer food. Where there is hunger malnutrition exists, thus, 3 billion people are nutrition insecure worldwide and 1.5 billion of them don't afford a diet with essential nutrients. According to ZIMVAC 2020, one in every three children suffer from malnutrition, 56.2% of the rural households are food insecure and 43% of the total population suffer from malnutrition and Covid 19 have exacerbated the situation. Therefore, the project's main target is the rural population. Three plant-based nutrition supplements were developed, prototyped and well received by people during market research. The project will be launched earlier 2022.

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In any work or business, at times things can get tough and what is important is to keep the hope alive, inhale, exhale and be kind to oneself knowing that it will be well in the end. Anything that can happen is part of a story you will tell.

Forget Shareka

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Zimbabwe
  • Postgraduate Scholar (2020-2021)

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