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Favour Onyenma's research

Favour researched the energy data landscape in sub-Saharan Africa

Assessing the existing energy data landscape in sub-Saharan Africa: is there really a lack of energy data, and how does this affect electrification access?

In sub-Saharan Africa, approximately 600 million people still lack access to electricity. Although it is an energy rich region in resources, these resources have not been fully utilized to catapult itself into full electrification. The ability to make sound decisions concerning electrification access relies on efficient planning, modelling or simulations. However, lack of comprehensive energy data seems to be prevalent in the region. There is an assumed scarcity of information required to adequately inform tailored research in academia, design solutions as energy planners and make decisions as government entities. Favour's research assesed the data landscape of the sub-Saharan African region with a focus on Nigeria and Ghana. Drawing on guidelines from the international recommendation for energy staisitcs (IRES), she developed a data quality framework which was used to assess the statistic's agencies responsible for energy data collection and the energy data quality produced in these two countries. In addition, she performed an exploratory and comparative analysis of available local energy databases against international databases to examine data reliability/accuracy.  

The Lack of and inaccessibility of energy data for countries in sub-Saharan Africa is often spoken about in hush tones. However, credible research on its cause and effect especially as it relates to lack of electrification - a potent challenge in the region is in short supply. As challenging as it was to scope out this research’s methodology, using a mixed method approach which included surveys, qualitative and quantitative analysis showed great benefit. 

Favour Onyenma

Sustainable Energy Systems

  • Nigeria
  • Postgraduate Scholar

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