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Farai Munjoma's research

Farai studied school-to-work transitions

Shasha Network: Bridging the Career Aspiration Gap

The challenge that currently exists within the African job market is poor school- to-work transition for youth because of a lack of access to structured career development support. Africa is estimated to have over 226 million youth (aged 15-24), a figure which is predicted to rapidly increase 42% by the year 2030 (United Nations, 2015). Shasha Network is an online program that provides young people with easily accessible soft skills available on mobile phone. Through the Bridge program, young people can learn skills such as Personal Branding, Career Research, Mentorship and Self Leadership. The business plan capstone provides as in depth analysis of this challenge and how it can be commercially addressed across Africa.

Infographic for Farai's research

The most fulfilling part of building a social venture is interacting with multiple stakeholders and understanding their key challenges. Real social innovation emerges at the intersection of understanding their needs, life processes and finding how technology can be embedded to make life better

Farai Munjoma

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Zimbabwe
  • Postgraduate Scholar

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