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Edith Violet Naisubi's research

Edith studied a social enterprise project tackling fruit and vegetable preservation

Market Analysis of the Sparky Dryer

Edith's research examined the market analysis of the Sparky Dryer manufactured by Sparky Social Enterprise Ltd, a company in Uganda that aims to reduce post-harvest losses of fruits and vegetables. A Sparky Dryer is a simple machine that uses biofuel to dry various fruits and vegetables. The study used a mixed research methods where in-depth interviews were conducted with nine customers, two partnering organisations, and two members of the founding team. In addition, fifty-three farmers were surveyed on the market potential of the dryer. 

The qualitative data was analysed using thematic analysis. Relationships, on the other hand, were discovered in the quantitative data. Based on the findings, the Sparky dryer has a competitive advantage in drying time. It also has the potential to penetrate its target market through collaborations. Finally, the dryer requires improvement, and the company can implement these improvements by following the prioritisation pyramid that was developed.

It was an eye-opening experience to analyse the Sparky Dryer as it enhanced my knowledge on innovation and the entrepreneurial process. It also gave me an opportunity to apply the models I had learned in class to analyse the dryer and the potential market.

Edith Violet Naisubi

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Uganda
  • Postgraduate Scholar

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