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Betty Mwema's research

Betty studied wellbeing, emotion and human behaviour change concepts

A Full Life Project: designing a framework for holistic evaluation of wellbeing, emotion and human behaviour change concepts within change projects.

A Full Life Project was the designing of hands-on framework and model suited for tracking the impact of change projects on highly contested socio-psychological elements of emotions, wellbeing, and quality of life. Standardising and using linear approaches to assess the emotional impact of change programmes on individuals and communities is insufficient. Often, change projects are designed, delivered, monitored, and assessed within the confines of predetermined expectations to produce, evidence, and report specific results. Such a prescriptive expectation ignores the context, the project's life cycle, the mindsets of those engaged, and external circumstances that may exert pressure to achieve specified or random outcomes. Societal attitudes and collective behaviour change documented in qualitative metrics, cannot easily translate to facts, numbers, or visual forms. This framework is thus a design output that communicates the complexity of evaluating emotional outcomes of interventions, that are multidimensional, complex and require long-term evidencing.

Betty's dissertation infographic

A highlight of this project was its ability to weave new knowledge, design methods and perspectives from other domains of study contributing significantly to the evolving design theory. It is an example of design merging with and learning from other disciplines such as sociology, psychology, economics, and organisational theory. 

Betty Mwema

Design for Change

  • Kenya
  • Postgraduate Scholar

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