Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you in your application, we have put together some frequently asked questions on the application process including which program to apply to, English language tests, interviews, references, entry tests and receiving an offer.

When does the next round of applications open?

Applications for our 2022 online Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, for postgraduate degrees only, will open on 31st January 2022 at 10am UK time and will close on 14th March at 4pm UK time. Only graduated, or are soon to graduate, Mastercard Foundation Scholars from a Mastercard Foundation partner institution are eligible to apply.

Applications for undergraduate study at the University of Edinburgh have now finished, with the final Scholar cohort enrolled at the University in September 2019. Applications for on-campus postgraduate study at the University of Edinburgh have now finished as well, with the final Scholar cohort enrolled at the University in September 2021. 

What documents do I need to apply for this Scholarship?

  • Your university degree certificate and final official transcript

If you do not have these documents, you will be given the chance to provide the academic documents you have.

Should I apply to the scholarship or for admission to the degree first?

If the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program is the only scholarship you are interested to apply for in the University of Edinburgh, please apply for the scholarship only.

If you are also applying for other scholarships at the University of Edinburgh, please apply directly for the degree programme of your choice.

More information on how to apply can be found on each individual degree programme web page, which can be found on the University degree finder:

Postgraduate Degree Finder

Do I need to take an English language test?

All applicants who receive an offer will be tested by the University’s English Language Education (ELE) centre unless they already have a valid English language test.

There is no fee for this test and all testing takes place via video or web link. The ELE English test assesses applicants on reading, writing, speaking and listening.

We aim to have a number of appointments available to you.

Please note this only applies to this specific program at this University. For other scholarships at the University of Edinburgh, or for other Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programs at other Universities, it is possible you will need an English language qualification prior to receiving an offer of admission.

What happens during the review of applications period?

Each submitted application is read and assessed by representatives from across the University of Edinburgh. This includes a further assessment undertaken by Admissions staff to determine the academic suitability of each application for the specific degree chosen by the applicant.

How will I hear about being invited to interview?

From early March, applicants who have been shortlisted will be invited to interview.

You will receive an email to the email address you registered with, asking you to choose a convenient time slot for you. Interviews will usually be held via video connection e.g. Skype but could also be held in person based on the availability of program staff.

If undertaking your interview via a video connection is not possible, we will work with you to find a solution. We will also request a reference for all short-listed applicants at this stage.

Why do you request a reference?

We are keen to know as much as we can about each of our short-listed applicants. A reference is important to ensure we are awarding the scholarship to applicants who meet the eligibility criteria and who will benefit most from the experience at Edinburgh.

What should the reference include?

The reference request will be sent directly to your chosen referee. The referee will be provided with guidance on how to complete the reference for you. Reference requests will only be sent out for those shortlisted for an interview. 

How and when should my reference be submitted?

Referees will be provided with instructions on how to submit a reference. 

What will my interview be like?

All interviews should last approximately 30 minutes. We will ask you questions directly related to the scholarship and it’s our opportunity to get to know you better.

There will also be a chance for you to ask questions.

What happens if I have technology or connection issues and cannot attend the interview?

Applicants should undertake reasonable preparations to ensure the interview goes smoothly. This includes a quiet environment with a good connection for you to concentrate and for us to hear you.

We understand that sometimes unavoidable technical difficulties can affect the interview and we take this into consideration. As a last resort, we may have to reschedule your interview if we are not able to connect with you at all.

When will I hear about the result of my interview?  

We aim to notify all short-listed applicants of the outcome of their interview by 15 April 2021. If you are successful, the outcome will be both an offer of scholarship as well as for admission to the University.

Please note that your offer of admission to the University is likely to be conditional at this stage. Over the next few months, the MCF team at Edinburgh will support and guide you so that your offer becomes unconditional. Common conditions linked to an offer can be the confirmation of your university qualification, and successfully demonstrating your English language proficiency.

Is my offer binding?

We expect applicants who accept their offer to take up their place on the MCF Scholars Program. Once your offer is unconditional the scholarship and admission to the University of Edinburgh is binding.

What happens during the Confirmation of Admission to the University of Edinburgh period?

By mid-May, we will notify shortlisted applicants whether they have successfully been offered the scholarship.

As much as we are confident you will also gain admission to the University of Edinburgh, for most applicants, the offer is still conditional at this stage and could still be based on the conditions mentioned above.

What do I do if I have a question which is not answered above?

Please ensure you have read all of the guidance provided to you via this website and the application form. If you are still unable to find an answer to your query, please contact the team at