Visa refusals

The visa process is an application - and sometimes applications can be refused.

If you use a University of Edinburgh CAS and your visa application is refused, you must let us know so that we can give you further advice on what to do.

Visa refusal outside of the UK

If your visa is refused outside of the UK, you will be sent a letter explaining why the visa officer has not granted your visa. It will also detail if and how you can submit an administrative review - a process by which the original application can be reconsidered.

For information and advice on what to do if your visa is refused, please send an email, briefly summarising the details of the application you made and attaching a scan of the refusal notice to the email to:

Visa refusal from within the UK

If your visa has been refused from an application made in the UK, you will be sent a decision letter with your application. You should carefully read the notice of decision because it will explain why your visa has been refused.

Please contact Edinburgh Global to see an adviser by sending an email to:

You should ensure that you see an adviser as soon as you possibly can after a refusal - we will prioritise refusal cases and make sure that you are able to get advice quickly.

Continued enrolment and refusals

The Immigration Rules require that the University only enrols and continues to enrol students who have valid permission (a visa) to be in the UK.

If your visa has been refused, your continued enrolment will be affected.

As in the case of all visa refusals, it is essential you seek advice. You can notify us of a refusal at: