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What can I do on a traineeship?

Erasmus+ traineeships provide funding for you to work or train in Europe during or immediately after your degree.

What is an Erasmus+ Traineeship?

The Erasmus+ Traineeship scheme is a programme funded by the European Commission. It provides grants worth €470-520/month for students to work, train or volunteer abroad in Europe. Erasmus+ grants are available for both paid and unpaid placements. Students can apply for Erasmus+ funding once they have secured a suitable placement abroad.

When do placements take place?

If your placement is compulsory for your degree, it will most likely take place during term time.

Voluntary placements can take place both during and outside of term time, including the summer break.

Please note that you must be fully matriculated to participate in the Erasmus+ traineeship scheme - students on authorised interruption of study are not eligible to undertake Erasmus+ funded activities during their period of interruption of study.

Where can I go?

We currently have funding available for the following countries: 

Please note: You cannot claim Erasmus+ funding to work in your home country. EU nationals studying at the University of Edinburgh can apply for funding for any of the countries below except their country of origin.

Austria France Lithuania Serbia
Belgium Germany Luxembourg Slovakia
Bulgaria Greece Malta Slovenia
Croatia Hungary Netherlands Spain
Cyprus Iceland Norway Sweden
Czech Republic Ireland Poland Turkey
Denmark Italy Portugal  
Estonia Latvia Republic of North Macedonia  
Finland Liechtenstein Romania  

Erasmus+ funding is not available for traineeships in the UK, even if you are a non-UK student.

What activities can I do?

Whether you plan to work for a private company, volunteer or do research abroad, your placement should help you learn new skills to develop your academic and professional prospects.

You should also be supervised by at least one mentor, to ensure that you receive appropriate training and regular feedback throughout your placement.

Eligible Not Eligible
  • Work placements
  • Volunteering
  • Internships
  • Supervised research
  • Training and work combined
  • Working at a public or private organisation
  • Any kind of valuable work experience, relevant to your degree or career project
  • Some EU institutions and other EU bodies - visit the European Union website for a list of institutions and bodies​​​​​
  •  Conferences and symposiums
  • Summer schools or training courses in attendance only
  • Unsupervised projects
  • Jobs with no proven gain of academic/professional skills
  • Conflict of interest (e.g. if you work for an organisation that you co-own or co-created, or is run by your relatives)
  • Working remotely (e.g. not being physically based in host country)

Erasmus+ Traineeship placements can be part-time or full-time.

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