Go Abroad

What are my options for going abroad?

If you want to go abroad during your studies at the University of Edinburgh, there are four main options available.

Options What does this involve? Is this funded?
Student exchanges

Study at an international or European institution.

Most exchanges are for a full academic year. 

Exchange students do not pay tuition fees at their host university and may also be eligible to have their Edinburgh fees waived.

Additional funding in the form of an Erasmus grant is available to participating students on exchange in Europe to assist with the extra costs of studying and working abroad.

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Compulsory exchange (as part of your degree)

If your undergraduate degree includes a compulsory period of study abroad, you will usually spend some or all of your 3rd year abroad. Each course will offer options to study at our partner institutions overseas.

Yes. Despite current uncertainty caused by Brexit, the University has confirmed that all 2019-20 entrants whose degree programmes include a compulsory period of study in Europe will be guaranteed funding support for their time abroad.

For applicants from 2020 onwards, arrangements will depend on Brexit negotiations.

Go Abroad Fund An international experience lasting one to eight weeks. In the past, students have applied to the fund for conferences, research trips, volunteering, cultural and work related experiences - it must have an educational component.

Yes - every year the fund offers bursaries of either £350 or £700 (depending on your financial circumstances), enabling at least 250 selected students to undertake a short-term international experience of their choosing.

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Summer programmes Summer programmes provide a short-term international experience, often at another University.

As these are administered by organisations outside of the University of Edinburgh, funding depends on whether the programme offers any. Often, however, these are not funded.

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Work Abroad Training, volunteering or internship abroad – a placement for between two and twelve months that must be arranged by the applicant.

You can receive Erasmus funding to do a work placement of two to twelve months in Europe, with monthly grants worth 400€-450€ depending on destination.

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