Travel updates and guidance


Guidance on how undertaking a work/study placement abroad may affect your tuition fees, eligibility for student loans and access to Erasmus+ funding.

Advice on funding

How will going abroad affect my tuition fees?  

Your tuition fee rate for your time abroad will depend on your fee status, and the destination, type and duration of your placement.

If you have queries about how your fees will be impacted by undertaking a work or study placement abroad, please contact the Fees and Student Support Team.

How will going abroad affect my student loans/bursaries?

Students studying or working abroad are normally still eligible for student loans and bursaries. Your student funding body (e.g. SAAS, SFE, etc.) may offer different loan/bursary amounts for students studying or working abroad; you should contact your funding body directly to see how this may affect the amount you receive.

If I decide to do a non-study activity in Europe (e.g. a work placement/traineeship/internship), will I be able to apply for Erasmus+ funding? 

Yes – provided that you have gone through the Study and Work Away (SWAY) risk assessment process and that your activity abroad meets the Erasmus+ criteria for funding (2 months minimum in an EU/EEA country). Find out the full details of the requirements. 

You will be invited to apply for the funding once you have completed the risk assessment process.