Travel updates and guidance

Arrival at your placement

Advice on quarantining upon arrival in your host country and what to do if lockdown measures are implemented.

Advice on arrival and quarantining

Do I have to quarantine on arrival in my host country? 

You should read the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development (FCDO) guidance specific to your host country and check the ‘entry requirements’ section to see what quarantine measures you must follow once you arrive in that country.  

You should be mindful of your mental health should need to quarantine, as this can be an isolating experience and increase feelings of homesickness. 

What if a lockdown or state of emergency is implemented in my host country after I arrive? 

If this happens, you should follow the guidance given by the authorities in your host country and your host institution/organisation, and ensure you follow local rules or restrictions. In the Study and Work Away (SWAY) risk assessment, you will identify contingencies and coping mechanisms in case you face a lockdown or new restrictions in your host country.  

You should keep in mind that lockdown restrictions can be implemented at very short notice. It is therefore a real possibility that, if you do travel abroad, you may find yourself having to comply with measures such as stay at home orders, border restrictions/closures, restrictions on travel/social contact, or your studies changing from in-person to digital.

Please think carefully about this possibility before deciding to travel abroad to undertake your activity.