Staff toolkit


Helpful resources for staff supporting students planning a period of study abroad.

Year planner

Year planner
Typical calendar points for staff working with students taking part in study abroad programmes.

Go Abroad forum

Lunchtime workshops
The International Office hosts a regular, informal Go Abroad forum for staff involved with student mobility.

Online forum

Staff forum
All staff involved in exchanges and Go Abroad are invited to subscribe to the Go Abroad online forum.

Sample presentations

Sample presentation
The following are sample presentations which Exchange Coordinators may wish to use as templates for their own subject areas.

Student Exchanges Handbook

Study Abroad Handbook
All outgoing exchange students should receive a copy of the Student Exchanges Handbook.

Student feedback

Student feedback
Feedback from and contact with current and previous participants can be an effective way of informing and enthusing prospective outgoing students.

Take Advantage of Time Away

Take advantage of time away
TATA (Take Advantage of Time Away) is an optional online module run by the Employability Initiative within the Careers Office.

Useful websites

Useful websites
The following websites contain information which may be useful for you and your students.