Staff toolkit

Welcome to the Exchange Coordinator toolkit

The information below is meant for Exchange Coordinators and School staff to help in all aspects of setting up and running an exchange. We have provided advice on supporting students, managing partners, promoting Go Abroad and well as a full list of our policies and guidelines, along with a list of resources to help you throughout the process.

Setting up a new exchange

Instructions on how to set up a new student exchange, manage your exchanges, and links to all current exchanges can be found here. 

Exchanges Fair

Promoting Go Abroad opportunities to students

Template presentations to make students aware at an early stage of the study abroad opportunities available to them.

Academic requirements

Student Exchanges handbook

The Student Exchanges Handbook is provided to outgoing students and contains essential information about going on exchange. It is available on the Student Exchanges website:

Student Exchanges Handbook

Benefits of going abroad

Students want assurance that an experience abroad will enhance their career prospects as well as their personal development.

You are able to download the latest Exchange Coordinator Meeting minutes on our EASE protected page.

Edinburgh Exchanges Blog

Read the latest blog post by our exchange students:

Year planner

Typical calendar points for staff involved in Go Abroad.

Exchange application process

Staff involved with administering student exchanges should familiarise themselves with the application process that students will go through and the policies that they must adhere to. These processes and documents can be found on the Student Exchanges website:

Student Exchanges - Application process

Policies, plans and guidelines