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Postgraduate Research Students – Go Abroad with Erasmus+

Going abroad isn’t just for undergraduates or language students. Find out how you could go abroad as part of your Research Masters or PhD (and get funded to do it).

As a Postgraduate Research student, you could receive Erasmus+ funding to undertake research or fieldwork in Europe.  

Your options

There are two Erasmus+ options open to PhD and Research Masters students – study exchange, traineeships. Whichever you choose you will be doing similar activities but the funding you receive, how you apply, and exactly where you can go will be slightly different.

  Erasmus+ Study exchange Erasmus+ Traineeship
What activity can I do?

A supervised research placement at one of our partner universities with an exchange agreement in your subject area.

You can find a list of these here:

  • A supervised research placement at:
    • a non-partner university;
    • an institute/organisation/library;
    • or with an expert in your field of specialisation
  • Field work
  • Work experience in a laboratory or specialised organisation
  • Placement within a work organisation
Perfect for…
  • Going to a university that has an established relationship with the University of Edinburgh
  • Experiencing a new academic culture and gaining a different perspective on your area of study


  • Students who can’t find a suitable study exchange from the list of exchanges
  • Doing field work to collect or test your findings
  • Getting hands-on experience in a non-University setting
  • Using your expertise within a company
  • Accessing resources/libraries not available in the UK
How long can I go for? Between 3 and 12 months depending on the destination Between 2 and 12 months
Where can I go?
  • It must be to one of our partner universities with which we have an exchange agreement in your subject area
  • Available destinations depend completely on what you are studying:

You create the opportunity, so it’s up to you! There are, however, some exceptions, which are detailed in the Work Abroad section of our website:  

Work Abroad

How much funding is available?

Between €350 and €400 per month

See the Erasmus+ grant page for full details about how the grant is paid.

Erasmus+ grant - Exchange

Between €400 and €450 per month

See the Erasmus+ grant page for full details about how the grant is paid.

Erasmus+ grant - Work Abroad

  • The exchange application window is opens in early November and closes in late November each year


  • Applications open year-round – no fixed deadline
  • Apply at least one month before placement start date
  • Possibility of accepting late applications

How do I apply?

  • Choose a destination under your subject area
  • If you have joint supervision across more than one subject area, check with your Exchange Coordinator about which area you are eligible to apply under
  • Apply online under the Subject Specific route – see the Student Exchanges application process for full details

Apply online - Student Exchanges

  • You find the opportunity, then apply to us for the funding
  • See the Work Abroad application process page for full details

Apply online - Work Abroad

Erasmus+ Staff Mobility programme

There is a further option open to PhD students who are also employed by the University as tutors or demonstrators.  The Erasmus+ staff mobility programme provides funding for University of Edinburgh staff to:

  • Deliver a course of teaching to students at a European partner university
  • Undertake a course, workshop or other training at a European partner university or other training provider

Teaching or training visits normally last 1 week though there may be flexibility to go for between 2 days and 2 months. 

For more information visit: 


Please note that it is not possible to apply for Erasmus+ student funding and staff funding in the same academic year.  We recommend that you gain permission from your supervisor before applying for any of these opportunities.