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If you want to know more about the Go Abroad Fund, read answers to your most frequently asked questions.

What is the criteria used for selecting candidates?

Successful candidates will need to:

  • Present a well-researched and coherent proposal for the international activity
  • Demonstrate strong motivation for undertaking an international experience
  • Show the extent to which they will benefit (academically and personally) from both the funding and the international experience
  • Evidence their potential for becoming an ambassador for the University of Edinburgh

Can I apply for the Go Abroad Fund if I received it last year?

Yes, you definitely can. While priority will be given to applicants with little or no international experience, we encourage all eligible students to apply and applications will be assessed based on the above selection criteria.

When will I hear whether I have been successful?

Applicants will be emailed on or after 29 April about their success or otherwise.

If I’m not successful, can I apply to any future Go Abroad funding opportunities?

Of course!

I didn’t hear about the Fund in time to apply. Do you accept late applications?

Unfortunately we receive a high volume of applications, and cannot consider late applications.

My destination has been designated ‘Red: Advise against all travel’ by the UK Government since I put in my application. What does this mean?

The University cannot allow students to go to countries that have been categorised as such as it may be dangerous. Please be aware that funding may not be given on the basis of your destination’s categorisation by the UK Government in an effort to keep all students safe. For information about your destination, please check the foreign travel advice.

Foreign travel advice

Where can I find some pre-departure support?

  1. You need to attend a pre-departure session before you embark on your international experience. We will be running a number of these sessions between May and June 2019. More information on the dates, time and venue of these sessions will be available in your offer letter.
  2. You will receive a pre-departure handbook once you have attended a pre-departure session.
  3. Your offer letter will also include information about taking out mandatory travel and health insurance for your trip abroad.
  4. You can get in touch with students who have gone abroad or who are also planning their trip by visiting our Facebook page.

Go Abroad Facebook Page

How do I formally accept the funding I have been awarded?

You will need to log into your Mobility-ONLINE workflow to accept your offer. You will receive details about how to do this in your offer email.

What conditions do I need to conform to before funding is transferred to me?

You must complete your bank details, indemnity form, risk assessment and final checklist via your Mobility-ONLINE workflow. You must also arrange travel and health insurance and attend a pre-departure session.

I have heard about a mandatory self-reflection component. What does this entail?

Every successful applicant must submit a blog, photoblog, or vlog that talks about their activity and reflects on their learning while abroad/after they return.

Is there any other way to share my story and experiences while I’m abroad?

Yes, we would love to see how you’re getting on while away on your activity! More information on how to share your experience is available on the 'Your Go Abroad Story' page:

Your Go Abroad Story

What’s the Welcome Home event?

This is an event for all returning students who have been abroad. It is a great opportunity to meet other students who’ve had experiences abroad, and to tell your own amazing story.

More questions?

Contact the Go Abroad team if you have any further questions: