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Ideas for Go Abroad activities

Need some inspiration? Here are suggestions for what you could do with the Go Abroad Fund money.

Remember, the suggestions below are purely for inspiration. We are eager to hear your ideas and plans to Go Abroad.

In 2016, activities funded were: 49 Conferences, 30 Cultural Activities, 71 Work, 55 Research, 82 Volunteering

Internships and Volunteering

Getting work experience abroad will give your employability a huge boost, and it’s easier than you think! The Careers Service can help you find internships abroad or create your own.

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Their Employ.ed Overseas programme can also help you find summer work abroad.

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The Careers Service can also help you find international volunteering opportunities.

Volunteering opportunities

You can find some of the opportunities which we are aware of from partner institutions and other organisations on our Padlet page:

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Student-Led, Individually-Created Courses (SLICCs) offer 1st and 2nd year undergraduate students the opportunity to earn 20 academic credits for involvement in a professional development, internship, work experience or research project experience of their choosing during their summer vacation.

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Conferences are a great opportunity to learn more about an area of interest, to meet other people with shared interests, or to make international connections.

There are many student-friendly international conferences planned for this summer. Here are a few you might consider:

My time in the Dominican Republic consisted of a Spanish language program, a community development project and an adventure tour. Every day was new and exciting. Being home the most common question I get is ‘What was your favourite part?’ and I can never answer.  There wasn’t one moment during my entire abroad experience that I didn’t love, and that I won’t remember for as long as I live.

Shannon, 2016 recipient

Courses & summer schools abroad

No matter what your subject area or interest, there will be a course running over the summer for you. Why not consider one of these courses in exciting locations from Japan or France to the Netherlands?

Insert your own idea here...

This is just a small amount of the possibilities that are available. We are open to hearing all ideas for short-term international experiences.

Get thinking today, Go Abroad tomorrow!

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Make it count!

Once you have an idea what you want to do, remember that you can get recognition from the University for your international internship or voluntary work by participating in the Edinburgh Award (International Work Experience and Volunteering). 

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In 2016, 287 students went to 73 countries on 6 continents with the Principal's Go Abroad Fund.