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About the Fund

The Go Abroad Fund covers a number of different initiatives designed to support students undertaking a short-term international experience abroad during the summer.

Please note there is one central application for the Go Abroad Fund. Students will be automatically considered for the most lucrative award for which they are eligible; if unsuccessful, they will be automatically considered for the Principal’s Go Abroad Fund. 

Selection criteria - general

The overall plan for each individual fund is largely the same. The main difference is in the amounts awarded and the selection criteria. 

For all of the opportunities:

  • Students are expected to research and organise their own activity
  • Your activity must take place outside of the UK
  • It should take place between 25 May and 8 September 2019 (corresponding to the university’s summer holidays)
  • It should be at least 7 days long
    • This can include travel time
  • Your activity must be educational in some way, whether that be academic, professional, or personal, but it doesn’t have to be related to your degree programme

Please note that for international students, we will not award funding to students travelling to their home country.

Details of specific funds

Below are the details for each of the individual opportunities. These will be updated as more information becomes available.

Please read the following information carefully:

Principal’s Go Abroad Fund 

This is our largest opportunity with funding available to provide awards of £350 each. Grants of £700 each are available for students from Widening Participation backgrounds, including those from under-represented and low-participation groups as well as bursary holders.

In most cases, these apply only to students from the UK. For more information, please visit the Widening Participation website:

 Widening Participation website

Principal's Go Abroad Fund details:

  • Open to all fully-matriculated students at the University of Edinburgh, including those in their final year, postgraduates, and part-time students
    • Unfortunately visiting students are not eligible for funding
  • Activities can take place anywhere in the world (outside of the UK), as long as the country and activity are deemed safe
    • For country-specific safety information, visit the FCO Foreign Travel Advice website

FCO foreign travel advice website

Santander Award Fund

This opportunity is available only to students from Widening Participation backgrounds. There are 20 awards available for £1000 each. The criteria for these is almost completely the same as for the wider Principal’s Go Abroad Fund, the only difference is that the funding is restricted to students travelling to one of the countries listed below that Santander have specified:

Argentina Portugal
Belgium Puerto Rico
Brazil Russia
Chile Singapore
China Spain
Colombia United Arab Emirates
Germany Uruguay
Ghana USA
Mexico Qatar

Students will be automatically considered for the Santander Award Fund if they are eligible; if unsuccessful, then they will be automatically considered for the £700 award from the Principal’s Go Abroad Fund.

What can I use the funding for?

Your trip must be educational in some way and should fall into one of the following broad categories. Beyond that, we're open to ideas - let us know what you'd like to use the funds for!

  • Volunteering

  • Internships or traineeships

  • Conferences

  • Cultural activities

  • Research

Ideas for go abroad activities

At university we often perform research ‘just because’ but GeoTenerife allowed me to finally utilise my skills and passions for a greater cause, it was the best feeling to know every sample, every analysis was worthwhile and vitally important for the island and the population. Now, I feel even more passionate to continue along this career path, confident in my skills, abilities and proud of the experience and how it will benefit and shape my future.

2018 recipient

What can't I use the funding for?

There must be an educational component but we cannot fund something which is a mandatory part of your degree programme.

Telling your Go Abroad story

To ensure that you get the most out of your experience, the Principal’s Go Abroad Fund includes a compulsory self-reflective element.

This will allow you to look back on your experience and consider the value of the experience, and what you have learned.

Read more about the self-reflection element

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