Go Abroad

Why go abroad?

International experiences give you the opportunity to try new things, take on new challenges and to make the most of your time at University.

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Go abroad and you'll learn about new places and people, have adventures and see some fantastic sights.  

Feedback from University of Edinburgh students who went on exchange indicates that:

  • 97% felt they had developed skills which would be of use in the future
  • 93% increased their personal development
  • 88% increased their ability to cope with challenging situations
  • 88% increased their independence
  • 82% increased their self confidence
  • 75% improved their language proficiency (only 51% studied in a foreign language)

Personal benefits

Meeting people with different views and lifestyles gives you new insights and widens your frame of reference and influences. This is your chance to see something of the world, and to find out who you are!

My Erasmus experience was amazing. I have made friends from all over the world and have travelled round Europe. It has been an excellent opportunity for me, both academically and socially. I would definitely recommend doing an exchange.

Law studentErasmus exchange in Utrecht

I can't even put into words how beneficial a trip like this could be. …I feel as though the trip has enriched my life in many ways. I feel more mature, confident and understanding of different people and cultures. The memories that I have made over there will always stay with me and I can confidently say that it was the best thing I have ever done!

Student on the Widening Horizons programme

Academic benefits

Studying abroad provides you with a different perspective on your degree subject as well as, perhaps, the opportunity to learn a new language. Students who go abroad also tend to achieve a better class of degree.

A higher proportion of mobile students achieved a 1:1 or 2:1 compared with their non-mobile peers

Gone International Report 2015

Students who studied abroad had a better profile of results.  Over 75% of students who studied abroad received a first or upper second class degree, compared to 60% of other students.

National Union of Students 2010

Graduate career benefits

Graduates who have international experience are highly employable because they have demonstrated they have drive, resilience and inter cultural sensitivities, as well as language skills.

Global Horizons & the Role of Employers, 2008

Graduates with international experience scored more highly in each of the following:

  • Planning, coordinating, organising
  • Problem-solving
  • Analytical competencies
  • Assertiveness
  • Initiative
  • Getting personally involved
  • Adaptability
  • Professional knowledge of other countries
  • Ability to work with people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Knowledge/understanding of international business
  • Foreign language proficiency

- Global Horizons & the Role of Employers, 2008

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