Student exchanges

Linguistic support

Opportunities to learn a language or improve your language skills before and during your exchange.

Languages at the University of Edinburgh

Besides taking a language as an outside course during your 1st and/or 2nd year of study, there are other opportunities for improving your language skills whilst at the University of Edinburgh. 

Learn a Language

Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support

Online Linguistic Support is a service provided by the European Commission and consists of language assessments and language courses for students participating in the Erasmus+ programme.

OLS offers Erasmus students the opportunity to assess their skills in the foreign language they will use to study while undertaking their Erasmus exchange. In addition, participants may follow an online language course to improve their competence. 

The following languages are included for support:

Bulgarian Croatian Czech Danish Dutch Estonian Finnish
French German Greek Hungarian Italian Latvian Lithuanian
Maltese Polish Portuguese  Romanian Slovakian Slovenian Spanish

If you will be undertaking an Erasmus exchange where teaching is in one of the above languages and you’re not a native speaker of that language you MUST take the OLS language assessment before and at the end of your exchange. This is an Erasmus+ requirement and a condition for receiving the Erasmus grant.

Once you have done your first language assessment, you will also be given the opportunity to do an online language course, provided by OLS. Although highly recommended, it is not compulsory to take the language course.

You can also visit the Online Linguistic Support website:

Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support

Language courses at your host university

Your host university may offer subsidised or even free language courses before or during your exchange programme. These can also be a good way to meet potential flatmates and settle in before the start of your exchange. 

Information should be available on your host university's website.