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Unissued Diplomas / Postcards from Ukraine

The University Library has become the latest home to a worldwide exhibition that seeks to honour the stories of 36 Ukrainian students who were killed in the war that has ravaged the country.

Unissued Diplomas

When your classroom becomes a battlefield, your major becomes bravery.

Unissued Diplomas honours the memory of Ukrainian students who will never graduate because their lives were taken by the Russian invasion.

The students' stories along with portrait images of each of them are on display, as well as their posthumous University certificates.

Postcards from Ukraine

The exhibition is intertwined with another project established by the Ukrainian Institute, an independent charity that champions Ukrainian culture and shapes the conversation about Ukraine in the UK and the rest of the world.

Postcards from Ukraine shows the country's landscapes and landmarks before and after the war, highlighting the mass damage and destruction caused to the physical surroundings. 

Event details

The free exhibition will be open to staff and students from 26 October to 15 December in the University of Edinburgh Main Library, Mezzanine floor.

The wider public will be able to view the exhibition from 1 November. 

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Find out more about ‘Postcards from Ukraine’

Students featured in Unissued Diplomas
Students featured in Unissued Diplomas