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Edinburgh – Copenhagen strategic partnership seed fund

The University of Edinburgh and the University of Copenhagen are offering competitive grants to stimulate joint activity at both universities.

Copenhagen and Edinburgh

About the seed fund

Staff are encouraged to apply for funding to explore potential research collaborations and new joint teaching and learning initiatives. 

This seed fund has been established to bring together academic, researcher and Professional Services colleagues from partner institutions to develop joint projects that will strengthen both universities' growing bilateral partnership through developing multidisciplinary cutting-edge research and curriculum to create academic and societal impact.

Approximately ten (10) proposals will be funded.  Each successful proposal may receive up to approx. £10,000/100,000 DKK from each university.

Seed funding timeline

Funding is available from mid-April 2023 until 31 December 2024.

Seed-funding timeline
Applications open 15 December 2022
Applications close 1 March 2023
Successful applicants notified Early April 2023
Latest date for projects to start Earliest start date is 15 April, however, for Edinburgh applicants, your local Research Office may need to set a later date in particular if the project involves the recruitment of a Research Assistant.
Mid-term progress review 31 December 2023
Latest date for projects to end 31 December 2024
Final reports due 31 January 2025

How to apply

Interested applicants are encouraged to:
  • Read the Guide for Applicants (this includes detailed information on the application process and the evaluation criteria)


  •  Use the Proposed Budget Template 

(Please note that the proposed budget template has two tabs, one requesting projected spend before July 2022 and the other for spend across the financial year 2023/24.)  


  • Submit their application to the named contacts below by 10.00 GMT/11.00 CET on Wednesday 1 March 2023 alongside a proposed budget

  • Applications must be submitted in collaboration with an Edinburgh or Copenhagen Principal Investigator (PI)

Further questions

For questions on this seed funding or for help in sourcing collaborators, please contact: