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Academics At-Risk Fellowship

The University of Edinburgh was one of the founding members of Cara (the Council for At-Risk Academics), with notable alumni including Max Born and Hans Gal.

About Cara

Cara (the Council for At-Risk Academics) provides urgently-needed help to academics in immediate danger, those forced into exile, and many who choose to work on in their home countries despite serious risks.

With a network of over 130 universities and research institutes, Cara work in partnership with the University of Edinburgh to offer their fellowship programme, whilst colleagues at the University also contribute to Cara’s ground-breaking programmes to help those working in exile in their countries, such as the Syria Programme.

An ‘academic’ is someone who has held a post as a lecturer and/or researcher in a higher education institution or equivalent. Cara does not distinguish between seniority, gender or discipline.

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Our Academic At-Risk Fellowship

The University of Edinburgh has up to 10 placements per year. Recent support has been offered to academics and their families from Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria and Turkey, who have a range of research interests across our three colleges – the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science (CAHSS), the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) and the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine (CMVM).

Fellowship placements are offered for two years. Travel costs and stipend are provided by the University of Edinburgh for successful applicants and their families.  Find out more about how the Academic At-Risk Fellowship Programme works:

If you are an academic looking for help

You will need to apply directly to Cara who will assess you based on their eligibility criteria. If eligible, this would allow Cara to consider matching you with the Universities across the entire UK network.

You can complete an online eligibility form, below, which asks four basic questions. This will provide an initial indication of whether support can be provided, although please do look at Cara’s website for more information.-

There are generally two main criteria for eligibility – an individual’s at-risk status and their status as an academic/researcher.  If you meet these criteria, you will be given further links on how to apply through their Fellowship programme and how applications are assessed. 

Complete an online eligibility form

We cannot guarantee that you will be offered a place at the University of Edinburgh as this depends on several factors, including academic fit and availability of fellowship placements.

If you are a University of Edinburgh colleague looking for more information

If you are currently a member of staff or student at the University of Edinburgh and would like more information about the Fellowship Programme, please contact us on