Book a flight with Key Travel

If you are having trouble booking a flight to get you to Edinburgh, we are offering students access to book with our staff travel provider, Key Travel. Sign up to gain access to the Key Travel portal.

Struggling to book a flight?

Key Travel provides negotiated fares for University of Edinburgh staff, and we have worked with them to expand this service to our students and their families. 

This partnership provides an additional option for you to book travel to Edinburgh. 

Benefits of using Key Travel

While availability of international flights is currently very limited, some of the benefits Key Travel may be able to offer include: 

  • negotiated rates for flights

  • increased luggage allowance without extra charges

  • increased flexibility to cancel or change a booking at short notice

  • access to lounges

Key Travel can also provide up-to-date information to you on the wider range of restrictions in place across the airline industry. 

There is no obligation to use this portal to book travel to the University. If you do make use of the services offered to book directly, the relationship and payment will be between you and Key Travel. The University is not providing this service.

Key Travel website

Accessing this service 

Key Travel have created a portal just for University of Edinburgh students and their families. Access to this site is restricted to students and you need to first register to gain access.  

Register to access Key Travel

When you will get access

Once you fill in the form, you will receive an email from Key Travel within 3 working days with instructions of how to log into their portal to find and book flights.

Because of this time delay, you may still want to check for flights from other providers in the meantime.