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FAQs on admissions, including decision times, acceptance criteria, rejections and deposits.

The below frequently asked questions will be updated throughout the year as we identify matters that are important to you. If there is an item that you believe should be listed on this page, please contact

How long does it take to receive a decision on an application?

The usual waiting time is 4-6 weeks from the date that a complete application is submitted. An application is considered 'complete' when there are no outstanding documents left to submit.

For postgraduate programmes at the Business School, applications are assessed in rounds with decisions being communicated on a specific date. If you visit the ‘Key Dates’ page, which is accessible via the relevant MSc page, you can see all of the dates for the rounds.

Example key dates

Admissions rounds

We have recently introduced admissions rounds for multiple postgraduate-taught programmes at the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. Below, you will find this year’s application deadlines and decision dates.

*Please note, applications are not accepted after the final round application deadline.*
Name of programme Round Application Deadline Places Awarded Degree finder page
LLM Law 1 1 November 2018 21 December 2018 LLM Law
2 10 January 2019 8 March 2019
3 21 March 2019 3 May 2019
4 9 May 2019 21 June 2019
5 27 June 2019 9 August 2019
LLM Commercial Law 1 1 November 2018 21 December 2018 LLM Commercial Law
2 10 January 2019 8 March 2019
3 21 March 2019 3 May 2019
4 9 May 2019 21 June 2019
5 27 June 2019 9 August 2019
MSc Film Studies 1 8 November 2018 21 December 2018 MSc Film Studies
2 17 January 2019 1 March 2019
3 14 March 2019 26 April 2019
4 2 May 2019 14 June 2019
5 4 July 2019 15 August 2019

MSc Psychology of Mental

Health (Conversion)

1 10 January 2019 22 February 2019 MSc Psychology of Mental Health (Conversion)
2 7 March 2019 19 April 2019
3 30 May 2019 12 July 2019

Writing samples

For postgraduate-taught applications at the School of Literatures, Languages & Cultures, a writing sample is only required for the MSc Creative Writing and MSc Play Writing programmes. Any writing samples submitted for other programmes within this school will be deleted, as they are not used for assessment.

Are there any application fees or deposits that must be paid?

The School of Social and Political Science and the Business School have both deposits and application fees.

I have paid the application deposit - why has this not been reflected in the applicant’s portal?

We can confirm that the application will be processed from the moment the application fee is paid. Our admissions teams have to manually update each payment and so it may be two weeks before you see this update on the system.

The applicant has met the minimum requirements. Does this mean that they are guaranteed to receive an offer?

No. Each application is assessed individually on its own merits.

Can I increase the likelihood of acceptance by submitting supplementary certificates?

We understand that you may be keen to upload as many documents as possible to show the strength of the applicant. However, the University of Edinburgh will consider academic achievements such as a degree classification over activities such as swimming and cycling. We would encourage you to only upload documents that have been requested and are relevant to the application.

I am disappointed that an application has been rejected. What should I do?

We understand that you will want to achieve as high an acceptance rate as possible. In cases where you have strong evidence that due process was not followed, you should contact to receive advice on how to dispute a decision.

For all rejection cases, we would advise looking at the information provided by the admissions team. This feedback will be useful for the applicant, so that they can decide how to strengthen future applications.