Global Health Academy

Papers and Presentations

A selection of presentations and papers highlighting some of the work undertaken by members of the Global Health Academy to address specific global health challenges.

World One Health Congress 2020: A blueprint for a One Health nation

farm scene with sheep being herded at sunset
The University of Edinburgh organised a special session at the 2020 World One Health Congress with contributions from University staff. (Video recordings available).

Protecting Children in Armed Conflict

Small boy looking up at the camera
Report – launched on the first International Day to Protect Education from Attack – calls for a single, all-encompassing international legal mechanism to protect children in armed conflict.

The Rule of Law in Times of Health Crises

Statue of scales of justice woman with COVID-19 mask and gloves
Examining the relationship between the rule of law and health crises, focusing in particular on the present crisis (COVID-19) and identifying lessons for future pandemic preparedness.

Attitudes to Psychiatry in Malawi

Investigating the impact of an undergraduate psychiatry course on a cohort of Malawi medical students.

Evaluation of Three Palliative Care Programmes

Caring for the dying is a critical part of health systems.

Publications Archive 2006-2012

Some publications from Global Health Academy members