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Development of Nurse Leadership for Palliative Care in Uganda

This project aims to support the Ministry of Health, Uganda to develop a career pathway for nurses in palliative care and ensure that the unique role nurses play in palliative care is recognised.

Uganda has led the way in palliative care provision in Sub Saharan Africa, particularly through the statute, the first in Africa, which Uganda passed in 2004, which stated that ‘a Nurse with a certificate in specialist palliative care shall be authorised to prescribe and supply the narcotic analgesic drugs specified in the Schedule’.

However while nurses play an important role within palliative care in Uganda there is a disconnect between their skills and their ability to influence and shape senior management. Nurses are missing in senior management and strategic positions within palliative care organisations and national programmes.

Project Aims

  • The development of nurse leaders through a nurse leadership development programme
  • Clinical and organisational modelling of nurse leaders by specialist nurses from the UK
  • Expansion of the link-nurse programme to six hospitals
  • To lay down the foundations with the Ugandan Nurses and Midwives Council to recognise the role of the specialist nurse in palliative care, and with the MoH to ensure work service deployment thus providing both professional recognition and career progression

Project Team

Dr Liz Grant, Director, Global Health Academy; Dr Mhoira leng, Head of Palliative Care, Mulago Hospital and Makerere University; Professor Julia Downing, Honorary Professor Makerere University, in partnership with the Makerere Palliative Care Unit (MPCU) and the Palliative Care Association of Uganda (PCAU). Supported by Mrs Lisa Wood, Manager, Global Health Academy.


This is a DFID /THET two year (2015-2017) funded programme.


The following videos are from some of the Nurses in Uganda who are taking part in this project.

News and Events 

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