Global Health Academy

Strengthening and Integrating Palliative care into the Rwanda Health system

A University of Edinburgh - RBC partnership on strengthening and integrating Palliative care within the Rwanda Health system.

This programme is supporting the roll out of palliative care nationally, adapting the model introduced through an initial three year programme of Palliative care training and mentorship.

Project Aims

  • Integrating palliative care into the health system across all districts
  • Creating a modular support system network with the hospital teams supporting the health centres who in turn will mentor the CHWs
  • Clinical mentorship by PC specialists from the UK
  • Support for the development and integration of a shared curriculum on palliative care into a range of health and social pastoral

Project Team

Dr Liz Grant, Director, Global Health Academy; Dr Mhoira leng, Head of Palliative Care, Mulago Hospital and Makerere University; Professor Julia Downing, Honorary Professor Makerere University in partnership with the Rwandan Biomedical Centre (RBC), led by Diane Mukasahaha and supported by Mrs Lisa Wood, Manager, Global Health Academy.

Project Funding

This is a DFID /THET two year (2015-2017) funded programme.