Global Health Academy

Health Systems Strengthening

Health Systems Strengthing includes organisations, systems, people and outcomes involved in service delivery from information and financing to health workforce capacity, products, technology and leadership.

Tackling Infections to Benefit Africa (TIBA) Partnership

The TIBA Partnership is an Africa-led, wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary research programme that aims to empower African scientists to effectively and sustainably tackle neglected tropical diseases and improve preparedness.

Virtual Patient Teaching Resources

2007-2008. Headed by Prof David Dewhurst: Workshops in Malawi developed skills to create scenario-based virtual teaching resources

HIV Human Rights and Development Network

Headed by Dr George Palattiyil and Dr Dina Sidhva: A network that brings experts together to research and influence policy on issues around HIV in Scotland

Uganda Palliative Care Nurse Leadership Programme

2015-2017. Headed by Prof Liz Grant, Prof Julia Downing and others: A project aimed at developing nurse leaders in Palliative Care in Uganda

Global Health and Sustainable Development Planning Project

Headed by Prof Liz Grant and Joanna Storrar: To help national governments prioritise the health and well-being of women and children, people with disabilities, those vulnerable through stigma or exclusion, and to strengthen the health care workforce 

Strengthening and Integrating Palliative care into the Rwandan Health system

2015-2017. Headed by Prof Liz Grant and others: A partnership to integrate Palliative care in Rwanda's health system

Strengthening and integrating Palliative Care

A three- year project to strengthen palliative care integration into national health systems in four African countries.

The Zambia United Kingdom Health Workforce Alliance (ZUKHWA)

ZUKHWA is a network of over 80 UK based organisations established in June 2009, in response to requests from the Zambian Ministry of Health and UK organizations working in Zambia, who understood the need to improve coordination and harmonization of project work through fostering health partnerships.

Primary Palliative Care

Multidisciplinary research for all illnesses, in all settings, throughout the illness with projects that inform policy and practice.

Primary Palliative Care