Global Health Academy

Crossing global health boundaries

Why the Global Health Academy is the place to do your research.

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Global Health is not one single discipline, but multiple disciplines cutting across traditional institutional functions and boundaries.

Existing organisational structures within the University support world-class research work in distinct disciplines.

The Global Health Academy (GHA) augments these structures by facilitating new interdisciplinary approaches to deliver a greater impact on global health.

World-leading researchers

We do world-leading biomedical, clinical, social science, engineering and veterinary research.

Our priorities include the dual burden of disease, social inequalities in health and the translation of leading scientific advances into effective interventions.

Our research and fellowships are funded by the:

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Economic and Social Research Council
  • Medical Research Council
  • Wellcome Institute

Innovative networks

The Global Health Academy is committed to translating research into practice, and in building pathways between academia and civic society.

We will act as a portal for both UK-wide and global research groups and collaborations wishing to create health networks. By helping to establish research hubs with international partners, we will also help strengthen approaches to donors and funding agencies.

By joining the GHA you will have the opportunity to participate in new research networks across the University and in the wider global health arena of public, civic, voluntary and government agencies. Together we can make a difference.

Communities of practice

Research in low income and transitional economies can be a lonely business, far away from hubs of others with shared interests, and from easily accessible research resources.

Recognising this, we are building a forum where all researchers, research students and collaborators will have the opportunity to engage with each other to share ideas to meet common goals.

Our communities of practice will act as a bridge between programme initiatives that the Global Health Academy takes in research, teaching and learning, and capacity-building