Global Health Academy

Global Health Research

We research major health problems affecting low and middle income societies across the globe.

Global Health is not one single discipline, but multiple disciplines cutting across traditional institutional functions and boundaries. Existing organisational structures within the University deliver world-leading research work in distinct disciplines including biomedical, clinical, social science, engineering and veterinary research.

The Global Health Academy (GHA) augments these structures by facilitating new interdisciplinary approaches to deliver a greater impact on global health.

Impactful research into action programmes

The University of Edinburgh's global health research is categorised under seven thematic areas.



1. Planetary Health, One Health and the Determinants of Health

2. Care Pathways and Care at Life Stages

3. Illness Specific (Infectious Diseases; Non Communicable Diseases and Co-morbidities; Mental Health)

4. Technical Innovation and Big Data

5. Global Surgery 

6. Health Systems and Global Health Governance 

7. Compassion, Wellbeing and Ethical Health Care

The research profiled and advanced by the Global Health Academy is aligned with key approaches including:

  • Research agenda initiated by low and middle income (LMIC) partners
  • Located in, co-designed and benefiting LMIC
  • Rooted in partnership
  • Orientated towards impactful action
  • Creating communities of practice

Visit our Research Themes page – for more detail on each category

Current and recent research

We are currently developing an online database of the University’s global health research. In the meantime, please visit ‘Research Programmes’ for a list of current and recent projects. At the Global Health Academy, we are particularly focused on ensuring research is translated into action, including through our work supporting communities of practice.

Supporting Global Health Research

The Global Health Academy supports global health research at the University in a number of ways including:

  • Leading research programmes
  • Partnering with other universities and organisations to develop and deliver research
  • Providing University of Edinburgh contacts (staff, students and friends) with introductions to local partners in low and middle income countries (LMIC) to support grant development and the development of relevant research
  • Supporting the writing of funding and grant applications – including through the development of toolkits
  • Supporting skill development in relation to setting up and sustaining cross-country research partnerships
  • Actively fostering communities of practice and research networks across the University and in public, civic, voluntary and government agencies.

Together, we can make a difference.


Research Programmes

A brief overview of global health 'research into action' programmes at the University of Edinburgh.

Global Health Research Themes

Global health research programmes and communities of practice are divided into seven thematic areas