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University of Edinburgh student launches sustainable initiative for menstrual hygiene

Sanitree: Promoting Sustainable and Stigma-free Menstrual Hygiene

A University of Edinburgh student, Bharat Singh Chaturvedi, and his colleagues founded a sustainable initiative for women's menstrual hygiene as part of the Enactus society, a student-run social enterprise in September 2017. 

The initiative, called Sanitree, aims to build sustainable initiatives for menstrual hygiene to improve the dignity, education and social-standing of women across the world.

Sanitree has designed affordable and environmentally-friendly sanitary pads that can be reused for up to two years. It aims to fight stigma and to empower women to run its schemes in their own communities by using microfinance initiatives.

Sanitree is dedicated to ensuring that women in developing and newly-industrialised countries do not miss out on days of education because of menstruation.

 The Scottish parliament has formally congratulated the project on a successful pilot scheme in Bhind, India.

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