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Mental Health: A Global Priority

Mental illness can affect anyone. It is an important cause of disability worldwide. However the pathways to receiving adequate and humane mental health care vary within countries and between countries.

This mental health inequity is a challenge to be explored and overcome in order to attain better health for all nations. Participating in this course is a step towards overcoming this global challenge.

The Course is an introductory course providing an overview of the importance of mental health, presents evidence for global mental health inequity and the ways in which mental health is conceptualised globally in different cultures and traditions. It also looks at how stigma and discrimination have negatively affected those living with mental illness and how different communities, and different services and partnerships can work together to improve care and deliver context appropriate support and therapy.

This MOOC is run by Dr Liz Grant, Dr Anne Aboaja and Dr Narinder Bansal.

Mental health is as important as physical health - they are inextricably interconnected.

Dr Liz GrantDirector, Global Health Academy

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