Global Health Academy

New 4 Year PhD Programme - “Hosts, Pathogens & Global Health”

A new 4 yr PhD programme by the Wellcome Trust has been awarded to The School of Biological Sciences in partnership with the Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution and Edinburgh Infectious Diseases.

It aims to address global health challenges by understanding how infectious agents are spread, cause disease, interact with the immune and other body systems, or evolve to overcome our therapeutic interventions.

The progamme will train infectious disease researchers to tackle problems in an integrated way, combining research in a UK and developing country setting, or utilising interdisciplinary approaches that combine epidemiological, molecular and evolutionary mechanisms.

Starting in October 2016 the deadline for applications is 7th December 2015

I am honored to be involved in this outstanding new program to bring forward the next generation of inspired young investigators whose research will contribute to solving some of our greatest heath constraints in the poorest communities.

Professor Sue WelburnProfessor of Medical & Veterinary Molecular Epidemiology and Vice-Principal Global Access