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1st Congress of the International Mukwege Chair: Call for Abstracts

Shaping a future for women and children affected by sexual violence in conflict : an international responsibility

13-15 November 2019

All over the world, as soon as conflicts erupt, sexual violence against women and girls follows: rape is a weapon of war. Recently, the phenomenon of very young children being massively raped has come to light: sometimes they are babies a few months old.

This abominable practice raises the question of preventing this violence and its origins, but also of its reparation, of the medical and psychological reconstruction of these women and young children and finally of their future : what will these living witnesses of human barbarity become? Their reconstruction and chance of survival is an international responsibility, and it is a long-term task, full of questions and still unanswered questions.

Addressing this question and its specificity, and developing the first answers in an interdisciplinary manner, is the focus of the first International Congress of the Mukwege Chair at the University of Liège in November 2019.

It will provide a platform for scientists (doctors, psychologists, lawyers, anthropologists, historians, economists, philosophers) working on this theme, and it will also give a voice to NGOs and associations which, working in different fields, will highlight the contextual and cultural variables that guide the choice of answers.

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