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Congratulations Dr Liz Grant

Congratulations to Dr Liz Grant on her appointment to the Board of Directors on the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH).

Dr Grant has been appointed for a 3 year term from March 2015 representing the University of Edinburgh.

The Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) is a Washington, based organization of over 130 academic institutions and other organizations from around the world engaged in addressing global health challenges, and is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of academic global health leaders from a diverse set of disciplines in both health- and non-health related fields.

CUGH Activities Include:

Impact, Advocacy, Capacity Building, Education, Enabling systems, communications and information resources.

This is an opportunity to work with a consortium of global health partners to achieve a shared vision that is responsive to the requests made by our partners in countries where health care remains fragile. It provides a great and much needed chance to draw together work, reducing duplication and improving total investment. The University of Edinburgh has much to offer with its tremendous history of global activities and its interdisciplinary approach to tackling global challenges.

Dr Liz GrantAssistant Principal Global Health and Director, Global Health Academy

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Dr Liz Grant