Global Health Academy


About Global Health Academy Membership and how to apply

Our membership programme is open to colleagues and partners, staff and students across the world who work towards and help promote solutions to global health challenges. Inclusivity and equity of opportunity are at the heart of the Academy.

Join our community of practice

Membership offers a gateway to the University’s community across our three colleges and our alumni spread across the world. It enables individuals and organisations to share together in a network focused on how global health activity to meet the Sustainable Development goals.

Through our wide membership network we aim to encourage and catalyse the work towards achieving a healthy planet and more equitable health for all – including by connecting individuals and groups to pursue emerging opportunities. Sign up today by completing our sign-up form.

Membership criteria

Individual membership is available for people from any sphere who:

  • Share a vision of a healthier future for all – the planet and all who live here.
  • Work to advance planetary and global health in their professional and/or personal life.
  • Resonate with the three core principles of the Global Health Academy:
    • The equality of humanity. We are born equal – but into very unequal circumstances. We must tackle the inequalities to respect and value the life of all.
    • The imperative of collective, collaborative effort. We recognise the answers to many of the world’s problems are in the world already. We must collaborate – working in partnerships with different communities, disciplines and agencies.
    • Listening, curiosity and creativity. Listening – especially to those who have remained unheard because of oppression, discrimination or poverty – opens the potential for collaborations, innovation and re-purposed tools to drive locally-relevant solutions. 

We invite members to use their networks to share information about the Global Health Academy – including how people can get involved. As a member, you are asked to provide updates to personal information as needed, so our records remain up-to-date.

Benefits of membership

Our relationship with our members is designed to be friendly and mutually beneficial so that together we advance health for all. For members, this includes: 

  • being part of the University of Edinburgh’s wider global community
  • opportunities to participate in webinars and activities to share skills, experience, networks and knowledge.  
  • receive the Academy’s e-newsletter with news and invitations to events, webinars, in-country/regional networks, symposia and roundtables.

Where resources and opportunity allow, we actively seek to 

  • provide opportunities to partner with colleagues/members to advance global health aims
  • profile relevant research, activities and events on Global Health Academy platforms. 

Becoming a member

We would be delighted to welcome you as a member of the Global Health Academy and it is really simple to join!

  • Download our electronic application form (see below)
  • Complete the form
  • Email the completed form to us:
  • Once we have processed your form, you will receive a confirmation email welcoming you as a Member of the Global Health Academy.

Join today and benefit from being part of this wider network and community.