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Planetary Health in more detail

An overview of planetary health and how the field is pursing interdisciplinary approaches to ensure human and planetary survival.

The concept of planetary health is based on the understanding that human health and the whole of humanity depends on the wise stewardship and flourishing of natural and societal systems.

We have moved the earth into a new era, that of the Anthropocene – where human activity is changing and destabalising the world at an unprecedented rate.

Sustaining health for people and planet

Planetary health is at the heart of the sustainable development goals, it is the visualisation of the goals. Planetary health aims for a better understanding of all of the needs of humanity and a balancing of these human needs with the preservation of the Earth to sustain the health and well-being of future generations.   

The Climate Emergency and the COVID-19 pandemic are showing that this is not only a concern for future generations, our generation’s health is also being destroyed.

Making the links to make change

The emerging field of Planetary Health is actively pursuing a more interdisciplinary and radical approach, based on the recognition that crossing the planetary boundaries does not simply change the world but will destroy the capability of the world to sustain human existence. 

Each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals leads to a healthier world – of humans and animals, of the environment, the land, the sea, the air, the soil, and of social, financial, legal and traditional ecosystems which are integrally healthy by being just and fair and which promote health and wellbeing.

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