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What are the benefits of the programme from a career point of view?

The Master of Family Medicine programme was crafted with General Practitioners/doctors in the charity sector, working in the developing world, in view. The training directly impacts the quality of practice, increases confidence in patient management, reducing referrals to specialists and thereby greatly benefiting the poor. Obviously the quality of practice and the formally accredited qualification would also enhance both credibility of the physician and sustainability of his practice.

If one looks at current international health care developments, a masters degree in Family Medicine can deliver great career opportunities; over the next several decades there is likely to be huge investment in primary care and family medicine, as governments around the world realise the potential of these disciplines to improve health outcomes in a cost-effective manner. Individuals with formal qualifications in family medicine will be in high demand, and the opportunities in areas such as clinical practice, teaching, research, government, policy and the private sector will be extensive.

Is the programme accredited / recognised by other countries?

All degrees from the University of Edinburgh are recognised by national governments. Each country has its own accreditation system, and this will be discussed as the degree programme becomes more established.

Can you practice in the UK / US after completing the programme?

Completion of this degree does not qualify you to practice in other countries. However this qualification would be an asset to a clinician. The degree is specifically aimed at supporting the development of family medicine in low middle income transitional economies.

What if I cannot afford to pay for the tuition?

Scholarships are available for those who meet a list of criteria set by the University.

Please see our Fees and Scholarships page for more information about eligibility and how to apply:

Do I need to produce an English language certificate in my specific situation?

There are guidelines outlining when an English language certificate will be needed for an application:

If you are unsure whether you need to produce an English language certificate in your specific circumstances, it is best to clarify this with the Postgraduate office for the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine:

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Is the MFM equivalent to the M.Med offered by CMC at present?

The M.Med is a diploma standard programme and the Master of Family Medicine is at masters level.