Master of Family Medicine

Fees & scholarships

Find out how much this programme costs and what help may be available to you.


Fees, on a per year basis, are set by the College of Medicine and Vet Medicine and are the same for both overseas and home students.

The current fee cost for one year of study beginning in 2018/19 is £3,850; annual tuition fees are subject to revision and are typically increased by approximately 5% per annum. This annual increase should be taken into account when you are applying for the programme. You will also be responsible for the cost of travel to the hospital-based contact teaching periods, and for paying your food and board during the stays at the hospital.

But you can become eligible for a concession of up to £2,500 per year. Read on to find out more about the Rural Community Investment Scholarship.

Unique Scholarship for Family Medicine

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This qualification is unique and aims to build Family Medicine in rural communities.

The University, CMC Vellore and ICMDA recognise that rural communities need doctors from their own communities who have a heart and a vision for working locally to improve health outcomes. Therefore for the first time at the University of Edinburgh a new set of Rural Community Investment Scholarships for Family Medicine Doctors are being launched.

Each of these scholarships will cover £2,500 of the total per year cost.

The closing date for scholarships is 1 July 2018. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application as soon as possible after this closing date.

Eligibility for a Rural Community Investment Scholarship

The following criteria are used in assessing candidates' eligibility for a scholarship:

  • Level of income
  • Previous experience of working in a charity hospital
  • Commitment to working for 2 years to further the cause of Family Medicine following completion of the programme

You are eligible to apply if you fulfill one or more of the above criteria.

To apply for a Scholarship

To apply for a scholarship:

  1. Start an application to the Family Medicine programme. You will need to do this first in order to be able to log on to the Scholarship form.
  2. Complete the Scholarship application form.
  3. Email all supporting documentation to the Scholarship email address.

Rural Community Investment Scholarship Application Form

Scholarship enquiries

  • Master of Family Medicine MFM

Contact details

*New* - The Edinburgh Online Family Medicine Scholarships Fund

Through the generous donations of a benefactor in India who is committed to improving healthcare in rural regions this full scholarship award will allow a student from South Asia to study the online Masters of Family Medicine. For more details please visit


Graduate discount scheme

There is a 10% discount in postgraduate tuition fees for all alumni who have graduated with an undergraduate degree from the University of Edinburgh. This applies to the self-funding element of the postgraduate tuition fee and is available to both home and overseas students.