Master of Family Medicine

Flexible learning

Find out how the programme has been designed to fit in with a busy professional career, and the value of studying as part of an online community.

A flexible bespoke opportunity to train and practice

This part-time MFM programme has been designed with working professionals in mind, with the majority of the teaching through distance learning. The study commitment is of approximately 10 hours per week, to allow busy doctors to continue frontline duties but enjoy alongside this the interactive and problem-based learning modules specially designed for a busy practitioner.

There will be opportunities to augment what has been learnt online via a two week period of face-to-face teaching  in years 1 and 2 (January) in a teaching hospital setting. This blended learning approach gives the flexibility of online learning, with the opportunities to apply that learning and gain valuable feedback through the contact teaching periods. The Masters will be completed with a dissertation project, as well as an optional opportunity to participate in a 30 day clinical internship; both providing an extended period to reflect on what has been learnt in relation to the individual students’ clinical experience. In India this internship period will be at CMC Vellore. Further sites in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda and Egypt have been requested by Family Practitioners and National Services.

Online community

The important benefit of this programme is the online community which allows the student often working as a single practitioner to share experiences of managing many different and difficult clinical scenarios and innovative treatment practices with students from around the world through active discussion boards, blogs, group work and videos. Doctors who have completed other of Edinburgh’s clinical programmes such as the MSc in Surgical Sciences have spoken of the strength of support and encouragement that they gained from being able to share and learn together even though they are working in isolated places.