Global Health Academy


We promote global networking and enhance the culture of professional development across disciplines.

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This dynamic space brings together practitioners working in rural health care, and in urban and peri-urban settings. It also includes those involved with policy, practice and planning.

People who are providing health workforce training, who are in training or who have qualified, are also part of our community of practice.

Building on expertise

The Global Health Academy offers an opportunity to share real time experience, explore ideas and insights that encourage innovation in practice, and test these ideas with each other.

It encourages the creation of social capital where those with shared investments and interests in a country, or in a thematic area or clinical discipline, can build on each other’s expertise.

Together we can build up local talent, create new knowledge banks and engage in the quality assurance of healthcare. Skill gaps can be identified and addressed through our professional development modules and ongoing support system.

Learning into practice

Behind the formation of the community is a strong commitment to embedding learning into practice and to reducing isolation.

Isolation is perhaps felt most acutely by those who are at the cutting edge of life-changing health working in geographical areas where there has been little opportunity for links and partnerships.

The Global Health Academy will enable global networking and enhance the culture of professional development across disciplines providing fellowship, peer oversight and the promotion of professionalism.

It will also offer the opportunity to identify skill gaps and register for professional development modules.

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