Global Health Academy

Communities of practice

An opportunity to explore innovative ideas with a community of practitioners.


We promote global networking and enhance the culture of professional development across disciplines.

E-learning in Malawi

The latest technology is being used to help train urgently needed medical staff.


Current calls for funding, research proposals, abstract submissions, training opportunities and a small selection of relevant global health journals.

HIV, Human Rights and Development Network

The HIV, Human Rights and Development Network is a mechanism that brings experts together to explore issues around HIV.

Palliative Care Collaboration

Working with Yale University and Makerere University to improve patient care.

Global Health PhD Network

The Global Health PhD Network is a group of PhD students with an interest in global health research.

Papers and presentations

Studies that address specific global health challenges.

Academy members

Members of the Global Health Academy (GHA) are made up of a wide network of experts from within the University of Edinburgh, throughout the UK and across the world.