Global Health Academy

Global Academies and International Deans

We foster close collaborative working with our sister Global Academies and the University’s International Deans.

Global Academies

The five Global Academies at the University of Edinburgh enable us to respond to the global challenges of our age by providing a powerful model and highly visible vehicles realising our future global ambitions.


Working together and housed in the University’s Colleges, the Academies work to:

  • Build internal capacity in the University’s world leading research and teaching to respond to these global challenges
  • Connect research and teaching relating to global challenges across colleges supporting the wider University academic community’s global aspirations
  • Engage students across disciplinary boundaries with a view to building future leadership for global challenges
  • Generate new interdisciplinary conversations and projects capable of addressing global grand challenges,
  • Catalyse new global partnerships with practitioners, international organisations and governments, to better address global challenges.
  • Communicate the University’s contributions to tackling global challenges.


International Deans

International Deans - Regional

  • East and South East Asia: Professor David Weller
  • South Asia: Professor Pankaj Pankaj
  • Europe: To be appointed
  • Middle East: Professor Mona Siddiqui
  • Latin America: Dr Soledad Garcia-Ferrari
  • North America: Professor Frank Cogliano

International Deans – College

  • College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine: To be appointed
  • College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science: Professor Charlotte Clarke
  • College of Science & Engineering: Professor Robin Wallace

International Dean - Global Community

  • Professor James Garden