Global Health Academy

Our People

Together we can implement solutions to our global health challenges.

The work of the Global Health Academy is enabled through by a strong and diverse network of people: researchers, practitioners, trainers, policy makers, students, alumni networks, people involved in business, local partners and international agencies.

The Academy is supported by a small secretariat with input from high level senior advisors who have expertise in a wide range of disciplines.

Our community works to champion the Academy’s vision across the University and around the world.


Secretariat and Senior Fellows

Global Health Academy work is led by a small Secretariat who collaborate and link with a wide range of advisors and partners from both within and beyond the University. This enables us to build wide networks across a range of sectors and disciplines.

Advisors and Key Supporters

Our advisors offer guidance on the direction of the Academy, provide links and introductions and support the development of learning, research and impact partnerships.

Global Academies and International Deans

We foster close collaborative working with our sister Global Academies and the University’s International Deans.

University Partners

Our work extends across multiple disciplines in all three colleges at the University of Edinburgh and with the Global Office.

Networks and Membership

Networks and communities of practice to support collaborative research, education, training and partnerships across disciplines.