Global Environment & Society Academy

Research projects

A cross section of research papers and presentations from across the GESA network.

The Carbon Masters Project

This project has been created by the Prince’s Mayday Network in partnership with the University of Edinburgh and the Carbon Trust.

Scotland poised to become world leader in fighting global warming

Dave Reay, Programme Director, talks about the MSc in Carbon Management on Scotland Today.

The 2008 US Presidential Election: Obama and the Environment

We examine the role environmental issues played in the election campaign and speculate on the election’s implications for environmental policy and politics in the US.

Wildlife law and the empowerment of the poor

Elisa Morgera’s paper discusses the wide variety of interests to be balanced in wildlife management.

Ultrafiltration to supply safe drinking water in developing countries: A review of opportunities

One of humanity’s biggest problems at present is the millions of preventable deaths in developing countries.

Ash dieback and British carbon stocks

A new study by Dr Dave Reay, School of Geosciences, has reported that Ash dieback could destroy enough trees to fill Wembley Stadium sixteen times over, and cause a 5 million tonne disturbance to the British vegetation carbon pool.